Volunteers wanted

  • Somebody needed to reduce #60136
  • Somebody needed to write documentation #60059

Backport decisions

  • “Temporarily accept [i|u][32|size] suffixes on a tuple index and warn” #60186

  • “Revert “compile crates under test w/ -Zemit-stack-sizes” #59911

Working group sync


  • RFC 2229 is a proposal to change how closures capture variables. Instead of capturing the complete variable when a part of it is used (ie foo.bar), only the “path” will be captured by the closure.

  • This requires a large amount of refactoring in the compiler.

  • There is currently a PR open which implements part of this but it regresses compiler error messages in some situtations.

  • There’s been ongoing discussion as to next steps and other refactorings some of which have issues with light mentoring steps available.

  • Link to full discussion


  • wg-self-profile has been making progress toward the “minimum viable product” tracking issue #58967:

    • A crate called measureme has been created which handles serializing and deserializing profiler events to a compact binary format.
    • The crate has been integrated with the existing self-profile infrastructure in rustc.
    • There are now summarization and flamegraph tools for processing the profiler data in the repo as well.
  • The next step is to work on integrating the summarization tool with perf.rlo.

  • Link to full discussion