Volunteers wanted

  • request for investigation: “Compiler panic with generic-typed nested closures” (#59494)

  • request for investigation: “Exponential compile-time and type_length_limit blowup when nesting closure wrappers” (#54540)

    • eddyb has excellent notes here on the fundamental problem
  • request for investigation: “llvm lint: “Undefined behavior: Call argument type mismatches callee parameter type” with mixing debug and release” (#48310)

    • specifically, we need to resolve whether this is in fact an LLVM bug
  • request for investigation: “ICE with unsized associated type” (#60431)

Backport decisions

  • save-analysis: Pull associated type definition using qpath_def" (#59894)

    • Backport accepted
  • Use delay_span_bug for error cases when checking AnonConst parent (#60710)

    • Backport accepted
  • Use delay_span_bug for “Failed to unify obligation” (#60644)

    • Backport accepted
  • Instead of ICEing on incorrect pattern, use delay_span_bug (#60641)

    • Backport accepted
  • conditionally modify darwin targets to macosx targets with versions (#60378)

    • Backport declined
  • default to $ARCH-apple-macosx10.7.0 LLVM triple for darwin targets (#60788)

    • Backport declined

Working group sync

  • We ran out of time to hear from working groups in this meeting.