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  • No issues discussed this week.

Backport decisions

  • Fix regression 61475 #61500
    • Backport approved
  • Turn turbo :fish: :ice_cream: into an error #61189
    • Backport approved
  • Fix overflowing literal lint in loops #61098
    • Backport approved
  • Fix more escaping ReScopes #60765
    • Backport approved
  • Constrain all regions in the concrete type for an opaque type #60449
    • Backport approved

Working group sync


  • const propagation (by Wesley Wiser) on mir opt level 2

    • some great compile-time speedups due to llvm and later MIR passes having less to do
    • Perf (active PR) has some regressions (up to 4% though)
  • rewrite loads of recursive Place algorithms imperatively (by Santiago Pastorino)

  • WIP PR by Santiago Pastorino for making Place a struct instead of an enum (preliminary work for making projections a slice instead of a recursive enum)

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