Volunteers wanted

  • No issues discussed this week.

Backport decisions

  • Handle index out of bound errors during const eval without panic #61598
    • Approved for beta backport.

Working group sync


  • Nikita Popov fixed a codegen issue with LLVM float min/max intrinsics on X86.

  • This allowed varkor to switch our min/max functions to use those intrinsics.

  • Nikita Popov is working on getting CVP nowrap inference reenabled in LLVM.

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  • The list of blocking issues is shrinking!

  • Two major issues have had signficant work done on them:

    • nikomatsakis posted a PR which closes a number of lifetime related issues.
    • tmandry is working on shrinking the size of futures.
  • Work is commencing on the “async book” which will help explain how async I/O works and the async-await feature in particular.

  • Many more tests need to be written around the feature.

    • This might be a good way to get involved with the working group!

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