Volunteers wanted

  • We’ve had a few issues recently related to upgrading LLVM. We’d like to create a new working group which will focus on fixing ICEs and miscompilations caused by LLVM.

Backport nominations

  • Account for doc comments coming from proc macros without spans #63930

    • Accepted for beta backport
  • fix nounwind attribute logic #63909

    • Declined for beta backport
  • Fix nested eager expansions in arguments of format_args #63717

    • Accepted for beta backport
  • Don’t access a static just for its size and alignment #62982

    • Accepted for beta backport
  • debuginfo: give unique names to closure and generator types #63875

    • Accepted for beta backport

Working group sync


  • @spastorino has gotten Place 2.0 (a reimagining of mir::Place using slices for projections) with only a slight regression in memory usage on one compiler benchmark.

    • They’re currently working on fixing that regression.
  • @wesleywiser split promoted items out of mir::Body to prevent cycles in the optimization pipeline.

    • They’re continuing to work on making the const_prop pass more powerful.

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  • A few soundess “fixed-by-nll” issues were closed recently.

  • Work is ongoing to stabilize bind-by-move pattern guards.

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  • @aturon is doing an audit of related PRs (accepted and pending) with a focus on shared state and lock semantics with multithreaded rustc.

  • @aturon is also going to be working on reducing locking and shared mutable state that exists outside the query system.

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