Volunteers wanted

  • “Better error message when attempting to instantiate tuple structs with private fields” #58017
    • Volunteer wanted to bisect this issue.

Backport nominations

  • “fn ptr is structural match” #64431

    • Accepted for beta backport
  • “fix nounwind attribute logic” #63909

    • Declined for beta backport

Working group sync


Three main things being worked on:

  1. Getting the “minimum viable product” done as planned #58967

  2. Improving the ergonomics of self-profiling

  • we want to collect use cases on irlo and then try to come up with good, tooling assisted workflows for those use cases
  1. Use self-profiling to implement a feature that allows to attribute compile time to specific parts of the source code

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  • Chalk has been integrated, a number of performance problems have been fixed, and now it works great!

  • Macro by example and associated macro resolution work well enough to cover significant subset of the real world code

  • We added a simple hack to show compiler errors by just running cargo check

  • First win of librarification: rustc and rust-analyzer share the same lexer code!

  • After slowing down during August, they are starting the next sprint. The goal is to library-ify type-relating things: so, chalk + unification + a definition of Ty

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