Volunteers wanted

  • Segfault compiling libc on armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf #62896

  • Couldn’t load codegen backend on windows-gnu #61561

Backport nominations

  • Add troubleshooting section to PGO chapter in rustc book #65402

    • Approved for beta backport
  • Optimize try_expand_impl_trait_type #65293

    • Approved for beta backport
  • Use precalculated dominators in explain_borrow #65172

    • Approved for beta backport

Working group sync


  • @wesleywiser Moved promoted MIR out of mir::Body #63580
  • @wesleywiser Reimplemented the ConstProp optimization pass on top of the existing const eval code #64419
  • @spastorino Converted mir::Place to no longer be a recursive data structure #63420
  • There is ongoing work in both const prop and place refactorings.
  • We’ve figured out a plan for “weird” place projections like dereferences (virtual locals).

Link to full conversation


Link to full conversation