• Lots of activity happening on const generics & lazy normalization

Beta nominations

  • Do not ICE on lifetime error involving closures #67687

    • Approved for stable & beta backport
  • Treat extern statics just like statics in the “const pointer to static” representation #67630

    • Approved for beta backport
  • Use the correct type for static qualifs #67621

    • Approved for beta backport
  • Don’t suppress move errors for union fields #67314

    • Approved for beta backport

Working group sync


  • Work is staring on forming a new “bisection ICE-breaker” group and a process for large compiler changes


  • There’s been some discussion on MIR 2.0

  • #67000 will finally make mir::Place not be able to point to statics or promoteds anymore but just locals

  • #67662 and #67333 get us closer to bootstrapping rustc with mir inlining

  • Const prop can now propagate into the rhs of assignments to user defined variables #67130