Backport nominations

  • Correct ICE caused by macros generating invalid spans #68611

    • Approved for stable & beta backport
  • Fix extra subslice lowering #69128

    • Approved for beta backport

Working group sync


@davidtwco writes:

Since this is the first update to the compiler team meeting, this working group is my work for my master’s thesis - it aims to implement an analysis to detect when functions could remain polymorphic during code generation. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of LLVM IR generated and improve compilation times.

So far, I’ve got a basic analysis working and I’ve got it integrated into the compiler such that a codegen-unit test that I’ve written pass with the analysis turned on and working. For the last couple months, I’ve been working on getting the compiler to bootstrap with the analysis turned on, and fighting ICEs to do so.

I’ve not been able to spend much time on it recently due to other university/work drains on my time, but progress should pick up soon.


  • Planning is beginning to do a new set of “sprints”.

  • The current goal is to implement some of the ideas learned from Chalk into rustc and make it able to support GATs etc while still working on Chalk with the goal of eventual rustc integration.

    • We want to start getting value out of the Chalk ideas now rather than waiting until it can be fully integrated with rustc.