Debugging Working Group

Debugging Working Group

working group status: active

This working group’s focus is to provide users with a good experience when debugging Rust code.

What is the goal of this working group?

This working group aims to accomplish the following:

  • Improve the debuginfo generated by rustc so that it is accurate and useful to debuggers
  • Support efforts to split debuginfo from binary artifacts
  • Better integrate with trace-based debuggers
  • Triage the backlog of A-debuginfo issues
  • Increase the size of the debuginfo test suite and ensure we have good test coverage

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved in this working group, you should stop by the Zulip stream and introduce yourself!

What if I don’t have much time?

Consider re-testing issues in the rust repository and leaving a comment to confirm if it is still an issue or not. Resolved issues should also have regression tests added.

Are there any resources so I can get up to speed?

The rustc-dev-guide has a chapter on debugging support in the Rust compiler.

Do I need to attend any meetings?

We don’t have regularly scheduled meetings yet.