Parallel-rustc Working Group

parallel-rustc Working Group

working group status: paused

What is the goal of this working group?

This working group aims to accomplish the following:

  • Finish, optimize, and test the implementation of parallel compilation to an extent that allows making it the default.
  • Produce solid documentation of how parallel evaluation works, how it is implementated, and what things it might affect in the rustc-dev-guide.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved in this working group, you are welcome to introduce yourself in the Zulip stream. You can be added to the GitHub and Zulip group for the working group if you are interested in being pinged when there are available tasks.

What if I don’t have much time?

If you don’t have time to contribute code but you do compile your own compiler, the consider setting parallel-compiler = true in your config.toml. If you find a bug, we’d love it if you could file an issue.

Are there any resources so I can get up to speed?

There are some resources available for those interested in contributing to get some background and context: