Parselib Working Group

Parselib Working Group

working group status: active

The goal of the working group is to librarify rustc parser and share it between rustc and rust-analyzer.

What is the goal of this working group?

This working group aims to accomplish the following:

  • Core goal: rust-analyzer and rustc use the same code for parsing Rust – a shared parser which is production ready (like rustc) and can build full-fidelity syntax trees for code with syntax errors (like rust-analyzer).

  • Stretch goal: produce a “nice enough” parser library which can be used even outside of rustc or rust-analyzer.

  • Non goal: produce a shared syntax tree representation.

How can I get involved?

At the moment, there list of action items is pretty short – we are still figuring out what to do, concretely. If you’re interested in getting involved then feel free to pop into the Zulip stream.