WG-Polonius meeting minutes 2019.05.07

WG-Polonius meeting minutes: 2019/05/07

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In this shorter meeting, we spent most of the time on the previous week’s work:

  • Niko has written more notes and steps for implementing liveness. With these, most of liveness is described (modulo the specifics of drop) :tada:.
  • Albin smoothly continued work on computing liveness in Polonius in #105, and rustc’s #60266: finishing up last week’s steps about the beginning of fact generation, and preparing to emit the ones needed to compute the region_live_at relation.
  • Rémy started looking at rustc’s test suite behaviour under --compare-mode polonius in more detail. While initially the number of failures looked big, Matthew mentioned their in-review PR #60171, which would contain most of the differences seen in these initial runs, as it unifies the NLL mode under which both of these test modes are ran.
  • @lokalmatador successfully got rustc building and prepared for profiling.

Useful future tasks we mentioned:

  • even though we always think about the topic, we noticed analyzing the test suite, tests and correctness, are tasks which should actually be mentioned in the Roadmap.
  • the polonius compare-mode likely has little or no documentation, fixing that would be important as part of the general documentation effort needed by the project.

For the following week:

  • Albin will continue on liveness.
  • To get ahead of the liveness game, Niko will look at and describe more of the drop specifics.
  • Rémy will continue on the rustc test suite results, especially on top of #60171. But also write the previous meetings’ notes they forgot to do (but as you can attest, dear reader/reviewer, got done eventually).
  • @lokalmatador will have a bit less time in the immediate future but will afterwards be able to start profiling and looking at the benchmarking tasks from the Roadmap.