WG-Polonius meeting minutes 2019.06.04

WG-Polonius meeting minutes: 2019/06/04

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This week, we discussed the following topics:

1. Liveness

To help with reviewing polonius#105, some last minutes changes were discussed: - the older facts recorded in the Polonius dataset (the inputs directory) needed regenerating. This creates a huge diff for review, so separating those out to be “rubberstamped” would be interesting. - squashing the other, important, commits for easy review.

In general, we’ll still need to check rustc’s testsuite when the liveness work is merged. That ties into the other ongoing work about checking our current -Z polonius behaviour in those tests (especially now that #60171 has been merged).

2. Profiling and performance

With the previous problems related to measureme/summarize fixed, @lokalmatador has continued work on profiling, and has been gathering early results.

3. Move/initialization analysis

Niko and Albin have recorded a call discussing how rustc ensures all data used is initialized, and how to integrate these checks in Polonius.

Note: the screen recording is “paused” for a bit at the beginning (until around minute 14), as notes were broadcast on the Paper website, but this is the document they discuss and take notes in.

4. Proposal: stop tracking subset relations along the CFG

Niko and Aaron Weiss came up with a proposal to avoid tracking subset relations.

This refinement would allow more precision in the analysis (specifically, avoiding unnecessary errors in some known cases), and potentially be faster, by taking special care of equal regions in the subset relation. Only those are the ones requiring a persistent flow of data through the CFG, and the analysis (or a pre-pass) could unify them as one region, and track equality instead of subset relations.

There are more details at the beginning of the dedicated Zulip thread — around this point — (the conversation has continued since the meeting). A call was scheduled for the following Friday to talk about subsets and the proposal.

This week, the plan is:

  • @lokalmatador will continue gathering profiling data.
  • Niko will review and land the liveness PR, and release the new polonius version to crates.io.
  • Albin will update the rustc liveness PR after that, and mark it from “WIP” to “ready to review”. They also will do a public presentation about Polonius next week and will prepare for that.
  • Rémy will continue on the rustc test suite analysis, and look at the subset proposal.
  • Try to prepare for the call about subset relations.