Polymorphization Working Group

Polymorphization Working Group

working group status: active

This working group aims to implement an analysis to detect when functions could remain polymorphic during code generation.

What is the goal of this working group?

This working group aims to accomplish the following:

  • Initially, implement an analysis to detect when type parameters are unused in functions, closures and methods; and integrate this analysis into the monomorphization infrastructure so that less copies of functions are redundantly made (this addresses rust-lang/rust#46477).
  • Experiment and investigate extending the analysis to more advanced cases where functions could be kept polymorphic. For example, if a function only uses the size of a type parameter, rustc could create a copy for each distinct size of type (rather than each type).

How can I get involved?

There isn’t a massive amount of work to be done in parallel relating to polymorphization, but if you’re interested in getting involved then feel free to pop into the Zulip stream.