Rustc Dev Guide WG 2019-06-11 sync meeting

Rustc Dev Guide WG 2019-06-11 sync meeting

WIP stuff

  • Write an overview chapter (lokalmatador)

  • Transcribe the Compiler Lecture Series into chapters

    • amanjeev: debugging support
      • Merge what we have and iterate
      • Needs to be reviewed
    • juanbono: coherence in chalk
      • Working with igaray
    • igaray: representing types in rustc
      • No progress, but have not dropped it
  • Add rustc guide to toolstate (mark-i-m)

  • Closure desugaring work (mark-i-m)

  • Organizing MIR and HAIR talks (spastorino)

    • oli-obk is going to do something this month, needs time

Triaging rustc-dev-guide

  • spastorino will ask @Pietro Albini about progress on triagebot.
  • If triagebot will be ready soon, wait.
  • Otherwise add people to the repo with read perms only. When triagebot is ready maybe switch to that.

adding people to the rustc-dev-guide toolstate list

  • spastorino volunteers to be added