Rustc Dev Guide WG 2019-06-25 sync meeting

Rustc Dev Guide WG 2019-06-25 sync meeting

Helping with mdbook

  • igaray says that doc team has taken up this work and it is not very specific to WG-rustc-dev-guide

Blog post announcing documentation efforts and tasks, …

  • It wasn’t clear to us where such a post would be published
    • spastorino will check with niko and see if this can be posted on rust blog or if we need some other dev-blog.rlo
    • igaray volunteers to write a quick post if we can post on blog.rlo

Tracking lectures desire, recorded, transcribed

  • spastorino will experiment with some of the existing lectures:
    • one github project
    • one issue per lecture, with the project tracking its status
    • rustbot claim to claim a lecture
  • If this works, we can move away from large checklist tracking issues.

What to add from forge.rlo bibliography

  • Doesn’t look like any of the papers are particular to any part of compiler, but they are interesting/useful

  • mark-i-m will add as an appendix to rustc-dev-guide

  • related discussion:

    • lokalmatador will link to lecture videos from their walkthrough chapter
    • we will also add links to the tops of the transcribed chapters