Struct libc::kinfo_proc

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pub struct kinfo_proc {
Show 94 fields pub p_forw: u64, pub p_back: u64, pub p_paddr: u64, pub p_addr: u64, pub p_fd: u64, pub p_stats: u64, pub p_limit: u64, pub p_vmspace: u64, pub p_sigacts: u64, pub p_sess: u64, pub p_tsess: u64, pub p_ru: u64, pub p_eflag: i32, pub p_exitsig: i32, pub p_flag: i32, pub p_pid: i32, pub p_ppid: i32, pub p_sid: i32, pub p__pgid: i32, pub p_tpgid: i32, pub p_uid: u32, pub p_ruid: u32, pub p_gid: u32, pub p_rgid: u32, pub p_groups: [u32; 16], pub p_ngroups: i16, pub p_jobc: i16, pub p_tdev: u32, pub p_estcpu: u32, pub p_rtime_sec: u32, pub p_rtime_usec: u32, pub p_cpticks: i32, pub p_pctcpu: u32, pub p_swtime: u32, pub p_slptime: u32, pub p_schedflags: i32, pub p_uticks: u64, pub p_sticks: u64, pub p_iticks: u64, pub p_tracep: u64, pub p_traceflag: i32, pub p_holdcnt: i32, pub p_siglist: i32, pub p_sigmask: u32, pub p_sigignore: u32, pub p_sigcatch: u32, pub p_stat: i8, pub p_priority: u8, pub p_usrpri: u8, pub p_nice: u8, pub p_xstat: u16, pub p_spare: u16, pub p_comm: [c_char; 24], pub p_wmesg: [c_char; 8], pub p_wchan: u64, pub p_login: [c_char; 32], pub p_vm_rssize: i32, pub p_vm_tsize: i32, pub p_vm_dsize: i32, pub p_vm_ssize: i32, pub p_uvalid: i64, pub p_ustart_sec: u64, pub p_ustart_usec: u32, pub p_uutime_sec: u32, pub p_uutime_usec: u32, pub p_ustime_sec: u32, pub p_ustime_usec: u32, pub p_uru_maxrss: u64, pub p_uru_ixrss: u64, pub p_uru_idrss: u64, pub p_uru_isrss: u64, pub p_uru_minflt: u64, pub p_uru_majflt: u64, pub p_uru_nswap: u64, pub p_uru_inblock: u64, pub p_uru_oublock: u64, pub p_uru_msgsnd: u64, pub p_uru_msgrcv: u64, pub p_uru_nsignals: u64, pub p_uru_nvcsw: u64, pub p_uru_nivcsw: u64, pub p_uctime_sec: u32, pub p_uctime_usec: u32, pub p_psflags: u32, pub p_acflag: u32, pub p_svuid: u32, pub p_svgid: u32, pub p_emul: [c_char; 8], pub p_rlim_rss_cur: u64, pub p_cpuid: u64, pub p_vm_map_size: u64, pub p_tid: i32, pub p_rtableid: u32, pub p_pledge: u64,


§p_forw: u64§p_back: u64§p_paddr: u64§p_addr: u64§p_fd: u64§p_stats: u64§p_limit: u64§p_vmspace: u64§p_sigacts: u64§p_sess: u64§p_tsess: u64§p_ru: u64§p_eflag: i32§p_exitsig: i32§p_flag: i32§p_pid: i32§p_ppid: i32§p_sid: i32§p__pgid: i32§p_tpgid: i32§p_uid: u32§p_ruid: u32§p_gid: u32§p_rgid: u32§p_groups: [u32; 16]§p_ngroups: i16§p_jobc: i16§p_tdev: u32§p_estcpu: u32§p_rtime_sec: u32§p_rtime_usec: u32§p_cpticks: i32§p_pctcpu: u32§p_swtime: u32§p_slptime: u32§p_schedflags: i32§p_uticks: u64§p_sticks: u64§p_iticks: u64§p_tracep: u64§p_traceflag: i32§p_holdcnt: i32§p_siglist: i32§p_sigmask: u32§p_sigignore: u32§p_sigcatch: u32§p_stat: i8§p_priority: u8§p_usrpri: u8§p_nice: u8§p_xstat: u16§p_spare: u16§p_comm: [c_char; 24]§p_wmesg: [c_char; 8]§p_wchan: u64§p_login: [c_char; 32]§p_vm_rssize: i32§p_vm_tsize: i32§p_vm_dsize: i32§p_vm_ssize: i32§p_uvalid: i64§p_ustart_sec: u64§p_ustart_usec: u32§p_uutime_sec: u32§p_uutime_usec: u32§p_ustime_sec: u32§p_ustime_usec: u32§p_uru_maxrss: u64§p_uru_ixrss: u64§p_uru_idrss: u64§p_uru_isrss: u64§p_uru_minflt: u64§p_uru_majflt: u64§p_uru_nswap: u64§p_uru_inblock: u64§p_uru_oublock: u64§p_uru_msgsnd: u64§p_uru_msgrcv: u64§p_uru_nsignals: u64§p_uru_nvcsw: u64§p_uru_nivcsw: u64§p_uctime_sec: u32§p_uctime_usec: u32§p_psflags: u32§p_acflag: u32§p_svuid: u32§p_svgid: u32§p_emul: [c_char; 8]§p_rlim_rss_cur: u64§p_cpuid: u64§p_vm_map_size: u64§p_tid: i32§p_rtableid: u32§p_pledge: u64

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Returns the argument unchanged.

Calls U::from(self).

That is, this conversion is whatever the implementation of [From]<T> for U chooses to do.

The type returned in the event of a conversion error.
Performs the conversion.
The type returned in the event of a conversion error.
Performs the conversion.