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libc - Raw FFI bindings to platforms’ system libraries

Documentation for other platforms.



WARNING: The PartialEq, Eq and Hash implementations of this type are unsound and will be removed in the future.


Equivalent to C’s void type when used as a pointer.


maximum number of services provided on the same listening port


IP6 Auth Header

IP Payload Comp. Protocol

IP6 destination option

exterior gateway protocol

encapsulation header

IP6 Encap Sec. Payload

IP6 fragmentation header

General Routing Encap.

Hop-by-hop option header

xns idp

group mgmt protocol

for compatibility


Multipath TCP

IP6 no next header

Protocol indep. multicast

raw IP packet

IP6 routing header

resource reservation

tp-4 w/ class negotiation


The 64-bit libc on Solaris and illumos only has readdir_r. If a 32-bit Solaris or illumos target is ever created, it should use __posix_readdir_r. See libc(3LIB) on Solaris or illumos: