pub trait ResolventOps<I: Interner> {
    fn resolvent_clause(
        &mut self,
        ops: &dyn UnificationDatabase<I>,
        interner: I,
        environment: &Environment<I>,
        goal: &DomainGoal<I>,
        subst: &Substitution<I>,
        clause: &ProgramClause<I>
    ) -> Fallible<ExClause<I>>; fn apply_answer_subst(
        &mut self,
        interner: I,
        unification_database: &dyn UnificationDatabase<I>,
        ex_clause: &mut ExClause<I>,
        selected_goal: &InEnvironment<Goal<I>>,
        answer_table_goal: &Canonical<InEnvironment<Goal<I>>>,
        canonical_answer_subst: Canonical<AnswerSubst<I>>
    ) -> Fallible<()>; }

Required Methods

Combines the goal (instantiated within infer) with the given program clause to yield the start of a new strand (a canonical ex-clause).

The bindings in infer are unaffected by this operation.

Implementations on Foreign Types

Applies the SLG resolvent algorithm to incorporate a program clause into the main X-clause, producing a new X-clause that must be solved.

  • goal is the goal G that we are trying to solve
  • clause is the program clause that may be useful to that end