😱 Status quo stories

What is this

The "status quo" stores are here to state our "theory of the case". That is, they present (and prove) our hypotheses as to what the various challenges are for users of Const Generics in Rust. These hypotheses are presented in narrative form, by telling the story of a specific character as they try (and typically fail in dramatic fashion) to achieve their goals.

Based on a true story

These stories are not made up. They are always based on real-life experiences of actual people. Each story contains a "Frequently Asked Questions" section, and that will include notes the sources used to create the story. In some cases, it may link to notes or summaries in the conversations section, though that is not required. The "Frequently Asked Questions" section also contains a summary of what the "morals" of the story are (i.e., what are the key takeaways), along with answers to questions that people have raised along the way.

The stories provide data we use to prioritize, not a prioritization itself

Just because a user story is represented here doesn't mean we're going to be able to fix it right now. Some of these user stories will indicate more severe problems than others. As we consider the stories, we'll select some subset to try and address; that choice is reflected in the roadmap.

Help wanted!

This is not a static document! There are lots of ways you can help to expand it! Take a look at the How to Vision Doc for more details.