rustup default nightlySet the default toolchain to the latest nightly
rustup set profile minimalSet the default profile
rustup target listList all available targets for the active toolchain
rustup target add arm-linux-androideabiInstall the Android target
rustup target remove arm-linux-androideabiRemove the Android target
rustup run nightly rustc foo.rsRun the nightly regardless of the active toolchain
rustc +nightly foo.rsShorthand way to run a nightly compiler
rustup run nightly bashRun a shell configured for the nightly compiler
rustup default stable-msvcOn Windows, use the MSVC toolchain instead of GNU
rustup override set nightly-2015-04-01For the current directory, use a nightly from a specific date
rustup toolchain link my-toolchain "C:\RustInstallation"Install a custom toolchain by symlinking an existing installation
rustup showShow which toolchain will be used in the current directory
rustup toolchain uninstall nightlyUninstall a given toolchain
rustup toolchain helpShow the help page for a subcommand (like toolchain)
rustup man cargo(Unix only) View the man page for a given command (like cargo)