Publishing Chalk

Note: this is mostly only useful for maintainers

The following crates get published to

  • chalk-derive
  • chalk-engine
  • chalk-ir
  • chalk-recursive
  • chalk-solve

The following crates get versioned without publishing:

  • chalk-parse
  • chalk-integration
  • chalk (root directory)

Release Automation

Releases are fully automated. Once a week (Sunday at midnight UTC) a GitHub Actions job is executed which generates the changelog, bumps crate versions, and publishes the crates. If there have not been any changes since the last version, the release is skipped. However, if the job is manually triggered then the release will be published even if there are no changes.

The release pipeline is located in publish.yml.

Changelog Generation

The changelog is generated using auto-changelog and is stored in The template used for the changelog is in releases-template.hbs.