To customize the settings, use the command from the Sublime menu:

Preferences > Package Settings > Rust Enhanced > Settings - User

This should open a window that shows the default settings along with a description of each one. This also has a view on the right-hand side to edit the settings which will be stored in Packages/User/RustEnhanced.sublime-settings. These settings will apply globally across all Sublime windows and projects.

Message display

See the Diagnostic Messages chapter for a description of the settings related to displaying diagnostic messages (warnings and errors generated by the compiler).

Build settings

The build system can be configured with the "cargo_build" setting. See the Build Settings chapter for a description of these settings and how to configure them.

On-save settings

The on-save checking settings are described in the On-save checking chapter.

Project-specific settings

You can customize settings per-project by adding settings to your .sublime-project file under the "settings" key. For example, if you want to use Clippy as your default for on-save checking in just one project, something like the following can be added to your .sublime-project file:

    // These are the folders opened in the project.
    "folders": [
        { "path": "." }
    // Any Sublime settings can go here, including Rust Enhanced settings.
    "settings": {
        // Changes the default on-save checking behavior to use Clippy.
        "rust_syntax_checking_method": "clippy",