Using extra components

By default, cargo-bisect-rustc only fetches rustc, cargo, rustdoc, and the standard library for the host. You may need additional Rustup Components to run your test. Some examples of when this might be needed are:

  • You want to find a regression in Clippy (see Bisecting Clippy), or miri.
  • Scanning for when some documentation changed (see Documentation changes).
  • The platform needs additional things. For example, bisecting x86_64-pc-windows-gnu host may need the rust-mingw component.

If you are testing cross-compilation, use the --target option to download the standard library for the target you are using.

The following example shows how to use components to do a bisection with Cargo’s build-std feature.

cargo-bisect-rustc --start=2022-11-01 --end=2022-11-20 -c rust-src -- build -Zbuild-std

Note: The --with-src option is an alias for -c rust-src.
The --with-dev option is an alias for -c rustc-dev -c llvm-tools.