The basic method for installing cargo-bisect-rustc is:

cargo install cargo-bisect-rustc

Additional options are described below.


Besides having a working Rust installation, you may need a few other things installed on your system:

  • Unix:
    • pkg-config
    • OpenSSL (libssl-dev on Ubuntu, openssl-devel on Fedora or Alpine)
  • macOS:
    • OpenSSL (homebrew is recommended to install the openssl package)
  • rustup

If you’re having trouble using the system OpenSSL installation, it can be built from scratch. The following will enable the vendored OpenSSL build:

cargo install cargo-bisect-rustc --features git2/vendored-openssl

Beware that this also requires perl and make to be installed.


cargo-bisect-rustc needs to access the git log of the rust repo. You can set the default location of that when installing it:

RUST_SRC_REPO=/path/to/rust cargo install cargo-bisect-rustc

See Rust source repo for more about configuring how cargo-bisect-rustc retrieves this information.