Bisecting Rustdoc

cargo-bisect-rustc can be used to check for Rustdoc regressions, too. All you need to do is instruct it to use the correct command.

The following example will check to find a regression when cargo doc suddenly starts to fail.

cargo bisect-rustc --start=2022-08-05 --end=2022-09-09 -- doc

Some rustdoc regressions might be in the generated HTML output. To scan the output, you can use a script like the following:


# Exit if any command fails.
set -e

cargo doc

grep "some example text" $CARGO_TARGET_DIR/doc/mycrate/

This can be used with the --script option:

cargo-bisect-rustc --start=2023-01-22 --end=2023-03-18 --script=./ \
    --term-old="Found example text" --term-new="Failed, or did not find text"