Checking diagnostics

The following is an example of checking when the diagnostic output of rustc changes. For example, this can check when either the wording has changed, or a different error or warning is produced.

#109067 is an example of where this is necessary. A warning started being emitted, and it is the kind of warning that cannot be turned into an error with deny(warnings).

The following script is intended to be used with the --script option (set the executable flag on the script, chmod u+x):


OUTPUT=`cargo check 2>&1`
# Comment out this test if your example is intended to fail.
if [ $? -ne 0 ]
    echo "Build unexpectedly failed: $OUTPUT"
    exit 1
# Display the output for debugging purposes.
# Run `cargo-bisect-rustc` with `-vv` to view the output.
echo "$OUTPUT"
# This indicates a regression when the text "non-ASCII" is in the output.
# If the regression is when the text is *not* in the output, remove the `!` prefix
# (and customize the `--term-old` and `--term-new` CLI options if you want).
! echo "$OUTPUT" | grep "non-ASCII"

Then run something like:

cargo bisect-rustc --start=1.67.0 --end=1.68.0 --script ./ \
    --term-old="No warning" --term-new="Found non-ASCII warning"