wg-async charter


This working group is focused around implementation/design of the β€œfoundations” for Async I/O. This means that we are focused on designing and implementing extensions to the language, standard library, and other "core" bits of support offered by the Rust organization.

Constraints And Considerations

We do not directly work on external projects like tokio, async-std, smol, embassy and so forth, although we definitely discuss ideas and coordinate with them where appropriate.


Leads: @tmandry and @nikomatsakis


Membership requirements

Members are invited at the discretion of the working group leads, usually after a period of sustained contribution to the working group.

In order to remain an active member, WG members must have active participation in last 6 months, where participation is one of the following:

  • Attended triage/sprint meetings
  • Opened rust-lang PRs related to async
  • Reviewed rust-lang PRs related to async
  • Mentored people to fix polish issues
  • Led a focus area or initiative