😱 Status quo stories: Template

This is a template for adding new "status quo" stories. To propose a new status quo PR, do the following:

  • Create a new file in the status_quo directory named something like Alan_tries_to_foo.md or Grace_does_bar.md, and start from the raw source from this template. You can replace all the italicized stuff. :)
  • Do not add a link to your story to the SUMMARY.md file; we'll do it after merging, otherwise there will be too many conflicts.

For more detailed instructions, see the How To Vision: Status Quo page!

If you're looking for ideas of what to write about, take a look at the open issues. You can also open an issue of your own to throw out an idea for others.

🚧 Warning: Draft status 🚧

This is a draft "status quo" story submitted as part of the brainstorming period. It is derived from real-life experiences of actual Rust users and is meant to reflect some of the challenges that Async Rust programmers face today.

If you would like to expand on this story, or adjust the answers to the FAQ, feel free to open a PR making edits (but keep in mind that, as they reflect peoples' experiences, status quo stories cannot be wrong, only inaccurate). Alternatively, you may wish to add your own status quo story!

The story

Write your story here! Feel free to add subsections, citations, links, code examples, whatever you think is best.

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some standard FAQ to get you started. Feel free to add more!

What are the morals of the story?

Talk about the major takeaways-- what do you see as the biggest problems.

What are the sources for this story?

Talk about what the story is based on, ideally with links to blog posts, tweets, or other evidence.

Why did you choose NAME to tell this story?

Talk about the character you used for the story and why.

How would this story have played out differently for the other characters?

In some cases, there are problems that only occur for people from specific backgrounds, or which play out differently. This question can be used to highlight that.