🙋‍♀️ Cast of characters

Grace: the systems programming expert, new to Rust

Grace has been writing C and C++ for a number of years. She's accustomed to hacking lots of low-level details to coax the most performance she can from her code. She's also experienced her share of epic debugging sessions resulting from memory errors in C. She's intrigued by Rust: she likes the idea of getting the same control and performance she gets from C but with the productivity benefits she gets from memory safety. She's currently experimenting with introducing Rust into some of the systems she works on, and she's considering Rust for a few greenfield projects as well.

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

What does Grace want most from Async Rust?

Grace is most interested in memory safety. She is comfortable with C and C++ but she's also aware of the maintenance burden that arises from the lack of memory safety.

What expectations does Grace bring from her current environment?

  • Grace expects to be able to get the same performance she used to get from C or C++.
  • Grace is accustomed to various bits of low-level tooling, such as gdb or perf. It's nice if Rust works reasonably well with those tools, but she'd be happy to have access to better alternatives if they were available. She's happy using cargo instead of make, for example.