❓ How to vision: Awards

At the end of the brainstorming period, we'll also vote on various awards to give to the status quo and shiny future PRs that were submitted.

Award categories

These are the award categories:

  • Most humorous story
  • Most creative story
  • Most supportive -- who left the most helpful comments?
  • Most prolific -- who wrote the most stories?
  • Most unexpected -- which status quo story (or shiny future) took you by surprise?
  • Most painful "status quo" story
  • Most ambitious "shiny future" story
  • Most extensive FAQ

However, if you have an idea for another award category, we are happy to take suggestions. One rule: the awards can't be negative (e.g., no "most unrealistic"), and they can't be about which thing is "best". That would work against the brainstorming spirit.


At the end of the brainstorming period, we're going to have a voting session to select which PRs and people win the awards. The winners will be featured in a blog post. 🏆