🔍 Triage meetings

When, where

The weekly triage meeting is held on Zulip at 11:30 US Eastern time on every other Monday. For the date of the next triage meeting, see the meetings page.

So you want to fix a bug?

If you're interested in fixing bugs, there is no need to wait for the triage meeting. Take a look at the mentored async-await bugs that have no assignee. Every mentored bug should have a few comments. If you see one you like, you can add the @rustbot claim comment into the bug and start working on it! Feel to reach out to the mentor on Zulip to ask questions.

Project board

The project board tracks various bugs and other work items for the async foundation group. It is used to drive the triage process.

Triage process

In our weekly triage meetings, we take new issues assigned A-async-await and categorize them. The process is:

  • Review the project board, from right to left:
    • Look at what got Done, and celebrate! :tada:
    • Review In progress issues to check we are making progress and there is a clear path to finishing (otherwise, move to the appropriate column)
    • Review Blocked issues to see if there is anything we can do to unblock
    • Review Claimed issues to see if they are in progress, and if the assigned person still intends to work on it
    • Review To do issues and assign to anyone who wants to work on something
  • Review uncategorized issues
    • Mark P-low, P-medium, or P-high
    • Add P-high and assigned E-needs-mentor issues to the project board
    • Mark AsyncAwait-triaged
  • If there's still a shortage of To do issues, review the list of P-medium or P-low issues for candidates


If an issue is a good candidate for mentoring, mark E-needs-mentor and try to find a mentor.

Mentors assigned to issues should write up mentoring instructions. Often, this is just a couple lines pointing to the relevant code. Mentorship doesn't require intimate knowledge of the compiler, just some familiarity and a willingness to look around for the right code.

After writing instructions, mentors should un-assign themselves, add E-mentor, and remove E-needs-mentor. On the project board, if a mentor is assigned to an issue, it should go to the Claimed column until mentoring instructions are provided. After that, it should go to To do until someone has volunteered to work on it.