❓ How to vision

How you can help

🛑 Coming soonParticipate in discussions and development towards roadmap goals
🛑 Coming soonTake ownership of "help wanted" goals from the roadmap
⚠️ Winding downPropose new "status quo" stories or comment on existing PRs
⚠️ Winding downPropose new "shiny future" stories or comment on existing PRs
🛑 Coming soonVote for the awards on the status quo and shiny future stories!

Making the vision real

We are currently working towards implementing the async vision described in the shiny future section. On the roadmap page, you can get an overview of the major goals that are part of implementing that future and how we have divided up the work. Each of the goals also has several initiatives, and those initiatives have upcoming milestones. If you'd like to participate in an initiative, you can find the appropriate Zulip stream and see if they are looking for help!

Goal and initiative owners

Each top-level goal and initiative in the roadmap has an owner. The owner of the top-level goal manages the goal overall, while the owner of an initiative manages the "nitty gritty" design work (for example, preparing the evaluation, authoring any RFCs required, or supervising the implementation). You can learn more about the responsibilities of owners in this page. If you have questions about whether you can help out with a goal or an initiative, the owner is probably the one to talk to.

Help wanted goals

Some of the top-level goals are marked with ✋, which means "help wanted". Those goals are looking for an owner. If you think you might be interested, you can read about the responsibilities of owners and contact the wg leads.


While we always encourage feedback from the broader public, many of our initiatives also have identified sets of stakeholders. These are people who are specially consulted as part of the process to give feedback on the design and implementation. They can be representatives from major projects in the ecosystem, production users, or other sorts of experts.

Living document

Although many of the pieces are complete, the vision doc is a living document and it will never be done. During the brainstorming period, we had a lot of stories submitted and we are now in the process of "harmonizing" those into a small set of status quo and shiny future narratives, each based around a representative project and the same set of characters. If you'd like to help out with that, contact the wg leads.

We also plan to regularly revisit the vision once we've made significant progress on implementation or if new information has come to light.

Submitting status quo and shiny future story PRs

Although the brainstorming period has ended, we are still open to new PRs, particularly if they cover space that has not been well covered:

Wait, did somebody say awards?

Yes! We are planning on giving awards in various categories for folks who write status quo and shiny future PRs. The precise categories are TBD. Check out the awards page for more details.