We have weekly meetings with a rotating agenda for each one. Once a month (aspirationally on the first Thursday of the month) we have a sprint planning meeting. The other weeks are used for reading club, deep dives, or whatever else we have a need for. Additionally, we have a triage meeting on every other Monday.

Meetings are held either on Zulip or one of the many videoconferencing systems. For video meetings, we will announce each of them on the #wg-async Zulip stream when they are starting.

All are welcome to attend any meeting!

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Scheduled meetings

February 2023

DateTimeMeeting TypeTopic
2023-02-0209:00 PTSprint Planningโ€“

January 2023

DateTimeMeeting TypeTopic
2023-01-1209:00 PTSprint Planningโ€“
2023-01-1909:00 PTDeep Divefutures-concurrency
2023-01-2609:00 PTReading ClubContext reactor hook
Past meetings

December 2022

DateTimeMeeting TypeTopic
2022-12-0109:00 PTSprint Planningโ€“
2022-12-0508:30 PTTriageโ€“
2022-12-0809:00 PTDeep DiveAsync main and test
2022-12-1908:30 PTTriageโ€“

November 2022

DateTimeMeeting TypeTopic
2022-11-0309:00 PT(Canceled)โ€“
2022-11-0708:30 PTTriageโ€“
2022-11-1009:00 PTSprint Planningโ€“
2022-11-1709:00 PTReading ClubTrio tutorial
2022-11-2108:30 PTTriageโ€“
2022-11-2409:00 PT(Canceled)โ€“

October 2022

DateTimeMeeting TypeTopicNotes
2022-10-0609:00 PTSprint Planningโ€“
2022-10-1008:30 PTTriageโ€“
2022-10-1309:00 PTReading ClubHow nextest uses tokio (and generally why async rust)notes
2022-10-2009:00 PTReading ClubLanguage feature: in-place constructionnotes
2022-10-2408:30 PTTriageโ€“
2022-10-2709:00 PTReading ClubRFC 3318, Field Projectionnotes

September 2022

DateTimeMeeting TypeTopic
2022-09-0109:00 PTReading ClubA look back at asynchronous Rust (notes)
2022-09-0809:00 PTSprint PlanningSprint
2022-09-1208:30 PTTriageโ€“
2022-09-1509:00 PTReading ClubFutures concurrency 3
2022-09-2209:00 PTReading ClubAsync/await in Swift
2022-09-2608:30 PTTriageโ€“
2022-09-2909:00 PTDeep DiveAsync I/O Traits