👋🏽 Cross-Team Collaboration Fun Times

Fostering cross-team collaboration in the Rust project


What is this meeting about?

The Rust teams and working groups have proven to be a really effective way to scale the project. As the teams have grown, though, they have come to operate more and more independently, and we need mechanisms for the whole project to stay in sync. The "Cross-Team Collaboration Fun Times" meeting (CTCFT for short) aims to be one of those mechanisms.

What are the goals of the meeting?

  • 🎉 To celebrate and raise awareness of what is happening in the project.
  • ✅ To track progress on important efforts and communicate requests between teams.
  • 💬 To give a forum for cross-team discussion and collaboration.

When's the next meeting?

The meetings section gives more details about the meeting, along with the agenda for upcoming meetings and links to the slides (which are hosted on our hackmd team). You can also check out the CTCFT Calendar which lists all our meetings and has Zoom links and the like.

Are there minutes and recordings?

Yes! We typically record the meetings and link to the recordings in the meeting minutes that are published on this site.

Can I come?

Yes! This meeting is open for anyone to come and observe. Even though the meeting is primarily meant as a forum for the members of the Rust teams, it can be hard to define the borders of a community like ours. We'd love to have people who work on major Rust libraries in the ecosystem, for example, or who work on the various Rust teams at different companies.