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The theme for this month is Learning. Please submit talk proposals!

The theme of April's CTCFT is "learning". Doc Jones will speak about the Rustc Reading Club Phase II, and what was learned from the first iteration of the club. Jon Gjengset will talk about teaching advanced Rust concepts.

  • (5 min) Opening remarks 👋 (angelonfira)
  • (20 min) Rustc Reading Club Phase II (doc-jones)
    • The Rustc Reading Club has two goals. First, to produce confident new contributors to rustc. Second, to deepen understanding of rustc for mid level contributors. The structure of RRC enables participants to gain experience working with other contributors making their future collaborations easier. Phase I of the Rustc Reading Club is complete and now we are ready to launch Phase II based on what we've learned. Phase I focused solely on rustc's name resolver module. We plan to expand and "read" other areas of the compiler in Phase II.
    • slides
  • (20 min) Teaching Intermediate Rust (jonhoo)
    • Over the past few years I've spent a lot of time trying to teach Rust "beyond the basics", focusing my attention on the problems that developers who have read all the introductory materials run into when they sit down to actually use Rust "for real'. In this session I'll talk about some recurring patterns I've seen while doing this, in the hope that they may spawn interesting discussion about possible solutions.
    • slides
  • (5 min) Closing (angelonfira)

Social hour

Like always, we'll be running a social hour after the CTCFT. The idea is really simple: for the hour after the meeting, we will create breakout rooms in Zoom. You can join any breakout room you like and hang out.