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For this month's CTCFT meeting, the theme is "planning for 2022". Rebecca Rumbul, the CEO of the Rust Foundation, will give some insight into the Foundation's mission. Niko Matsakis and Josh Triplett will go over the lang team's roadmap of the priorities for Rust 2024.

  • (5 min) Opening remarks 👋 (nikomatsakis)
  • (15 min) Planning for Rust 2024 (nikomatsakis, joshtriplett)
    • Now that Rust 2021 is behind us, it's time to start thinking about Rust 2024! The lang team has been working on a roadmap that proposes various priorities for Rust 2024 and discusses some of the language changes that can help support those priorities. @nikomatsakis and @joshtriplett will discuss the contents of that document. We would love feedback, both on the document and on whether it can be broadened to include other teams' efforts as well.
    • slides
  • (15 min) Rust Foundation 2022 (Rebecca Rumbul)
    • Bec will give an overview of the Foundation's current thinking on its mission and how to achieve it, and talk a little about some of the bigger questions that need to be addressed for the future. This will include more detail on the work programs that the Foundation is currently pursuing (such as the Community Grants Program), and some potential gaps / areas that the Foundation is considering in terms of what support and resources it could provide. Bec will also talk about the more operational/practical side of the Foundation, outlining how the organisation is growing and how the split of responsibilities between board and staff is working.
  • (5 min) Closing (nikomatsakis)

Social hour

Like always, we'll be running a social hour after the CTCFT. The idea is really simple: for the hour after the meeting, we will create breakout rooms in Zoom. You can join any breakout room you like and hang out.