👨‍👩‍👧 Meetings

Every CTCFT Meeting has its own page, found on the left. The page contains the agenda and, after the meeting takes place, it is updated with notes and links to a recording (if any). Meeting agenda items are always announced at least one week in advance of the next meeting (often more).

Meeting slides

You can find the slides for the various presentations on our hackmd team page.

Meeting recordings

Meetings will be recorded and those recordings will be posted publicly. We may even attempt to stream them. Recording the meetings serves several purposes:

  • It makes the meetings accessible to folks who cannot attend in person or who must miss a week.
  • The recordings of the meetings become another channel for people to follow along with what is happening in Rust.

Rules for participation

  • The meeting is open for anyone to observe (read more).
  • We will use a meeting queue to ensure everyone who wants to speak has a chance. The queue is managed by the MC.
    • To add yourself to the queue, write o/ in the chat.
    • To remove yourself from the queue, write nm in the chat.
    • If you you prefer, you can also ask a question for the speaker in the chat and the MC can read it out loud.
  • Please keep your video off unless you are expecting to speak.
    • If you are enqueued or expect you may well enqueue yourself soon, then feel free to turn it on.
    • This way the set of folks visible reflects who is actively participating at that moment.
  • Stay muted when not speaking.
  • Please avoid extensive conversations in the chat -- quick Q&A is ok.

Timing of the meeting

The meetings are targeted for the third Monday of every month. The timing of the meeting varies month-to-month in an attempt to capture more time zones (and to accommodate the speakers). See the [CTCFT Calendar] for details.