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As they are prepared, you will be able to find the presentations on hackmd, or linked below.

  • (5min) Welcome
  • (5min) About the social hour -- yaahc
    • yaahc will present her plans for a social hour that follows the CTCFT (see below).
  • (15min) Turbowish and Tokio console -- pnkfelix and Eliza (hawkw)
    • Rust programs are known for being performant and correct -- but what about when that's not true? Unfortunately, the state of the art for Rust tooling today can often be a bit difficult. This is particularly true for Async Rust, where users need insights into the state of the async runtime so that they can resolve deadlocks and tune performance. This talk discuss what top-notch debugging and tooling for Rust might look like. One particularly exciting project in this area is tokio-console, which lets users visualize the state of projects build on the tokio library.
  • (20min) Guiding Principles for Rust -- nikomatsakis
    • As Rust grows, we need to ensure that it retains a coherent design. Establishing a set of "guiding principles" is one mechanism for doing that. Each principle captures a goal that Rust aims to achieve, such as ensuring correctness, or efficiency. The principles give us a shared vocabulary to use when discussing designs, and they are ordered so as to give guidance in resolving tradeoffs. This talk will walk through a draft set of guiding principles for Rust that nikomatsakis has been working on, along with examples of how they those principles are enacted through Rust's language, library, and tooling.
  • (10min) Open floor
    • Time for people to make short announcements, ask questions, whatever.
  • (5min) Closing -- nikomatsakis

Social hour

After the CTCFT, we are going to try an experimental social hour. The idea is really simple: for the hour after the meeting, we will create breakout rooms in Zoom with different themes. You can join any breakout room you like and hangout.

The themes for the breakout rooms will be based on suggestions. If you have an idea for a room you'd like to try, you can post it in a dedicated topic on the #ctcft Zulip stream. Or, if you see somebody else has posted an idea that you like, then add a 👍 emoji. We'll create the final breakout list based on what we see there.

The breakout rooms can be as casual or focused as you like. For example, we will have some default rooms for hanging out -- please make suggestons for icebreaker topics on Zulip! We also plan to have some rooms where people are chatting while doing Rust work: for example, yaahc suggested for folks who want to write mentoring instructions.