The standard library provides the From and Into traits as standard ways to convert between types. However, these traits only support infallible conversions. This RFC proposes the addition of TryFrom and TryInto traits to support these use cases in a standard way.


Fallible conversions are fairly common, and a collection of ad-hoc traits has arisen to support them, both within the standard library and in third party crates. A standardized set of traits following the pattern set by From and Into will ease these APIs by providing a standardized interface as we expand the set of fallible conversions.

One specific avenue of expansion that has been frequently requested is fallible integer conversion traits. Conversions between integer types may currently be performed with the as operator, which will silently truncate the value if it is out of bounds of the target type. Code which needs to down-cast values must manually check that the cast will succeed, which is both tedious and error prone. A fallible conversion trait reduces code like this:

let value: isize = ...;

let value: u32 = if value < 0 || value > u32::max_value() as isize {
    return Err(BogusCast);
} else {
    value as u32

to simply:

let value: isize = ...;
let value: u32 = try!(value.try_into());

Detailed design

Two traits will be added to the core::convert module:

pub trait TryFrom<T>: Sized {
    type Err;

    fn try_from(t: T) -> Result<Self, Self::Err>;

pub trait TryInto<T>: Sized {
    type Err;

    fn try_into(self) -> Result<T, Self::Err>;

In a fashion similar to From and Into, a blanket implementation of TryInto is provided for all TryFrom implementations:

impl<T, U> TryInto<U> for T where U: TryFrom<T> {
    type Error = U::Err;

    fn try_into(self) -> Result<U, Self::Err> {

In addition, implementations of TryFrom will be provided to convert between all combinations of integer types:

pub struct TryFromIntError(());

impl fmt::Display for TryFromIntError {
    fn fmt(&self, fmt: &mut fmt::Formatter) -> fmt::Result {

impl Error for TryFromIntError {
    fn description(&self) -> &str {
        "out of range integral type conversion attempted"

impl TryFrom<usize> for u8 {
    type Err = TryFromIntError;

    fn try_from(t: usize) -> Result<u8, TryFromIntError> {
        // ...

// ...

This notably includes implementations that are actually infallible, including implementations between a type and itself. A common use case for these kinds of conversions is when interacting with a C API and converting, for example, from a u64 to a libc::c_long. c_long may be u32 on some platforms but u64 on others, so having an impl TryFrom<u64> for u64 ensures that conversions using these traits will compile on all architectures. Similarly, a conversion from usize to u32 may or may not be fallible depending on the target architecture.

The standard library provides a reflexive implementation of the From trait for all types: impl<T> From<T> for T. We could similarly provide a “lifting” implementation of TryFrom:

impl<T, U: From<T>> TryFrom<T> for U {
    type Err = Void;

    fn try_from(t: T) -> Result<U, Void> {

However, this implementation would directly conflict with our goal of having uniform TryFrom implementations between all combinations of integer types. In addition, it’s not clear what value such an implementation would actually provide, so this RFC does not propose its addition.


It is unclear if existing fallible conversion traits can backwards-compatibly be subsumed into TryFrom and TryInto, which may result in an awkward mix of ad-hoc traits in addition to TryFrom and TryInto.


We could avoid general traits and continue making distinct conversion traits for each use case.

Unresolved questions

Are TryFrom and TryInto the right names? There is some precedent for the try_ prefix: TcpStream::try_clone, Mutex::try_lock, etc.

What should be done about FromStr, ToSocketAddrs, and other ad-hoc fallible conversion traits? An upgrade path may exist in the future with specialization, but it is probably too early to say definitively.

Should TryFrom and TryInto be added to the prelude? This would be the first prelude addition since the 1.0 release.